Rain: A Poem of Sensory Experience

brown bare tree

Skies pregnant and gray

Slowly wanes the last gold rays

A cool breeze flows through fields

Giving a current to the yields

Push, pull

Woosh, lull

As the wind nuzzles your nose

Breathe in the billowing blows

Wet stone’s seductive scent

Promising precipitation spent

Evening’s onset

Promises onslaught

From the distance

Rumbles persistent

Tick tock

Six o’clock

Rain drops

plip plop

drip drop

Doesn’t stop

Titter tatter

pitter patter

Steady storming

Sailors warning

Shear sheets

Thrumming beats

Flash, rumble, grumble

Branches fall, tumble

Wind whistles

Mother nature bristles

Boom, flash, crash

Blown open sash

Outside trees bend

At the mercy and whim of the wind

All begins to calm in an instant

Rumbles grow distant

As fast as it came, it is gone

The damage to be revealed at dawn

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