State Of the Workplace Address

Free stressful business woman working

Clocked in nine to five
I work and I strive
To keep this alive
Pollen to this hive

I’m a worker bee
Praying to be free
Paying dues and fees
On pay I’ll not see

I’ll work till I die
I’ll never ask why
Expect to deny
dreams I shelved up high

Rising inflation
Struggling nation
no break, vacation
Homes empty, vacant

Make meager wages
Looked good on pages
We set the stages
Raise boss’s status

I’m corporate’s pawn
From onset of dawn
Retirement drawn
No plan to live on

New generation
Manning the station
Human relations
At provocation

Anger and envy
At my enemy
They’re the end of me
Come the firing spree

As I’m withstanding
I’m understanding
Boss is pandering
Problem answering

Workplace problems faced
With yesterday’s grace
Do not have a place
In today’s work space

I’ve toiled and fought
Retired with naught
Blood, sweat, and tears bought
My boss’ big yacht

New gen doesn’t care
Corporate despair
Adapt and repair
They want what is theirs

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