Momma (Part Two)

OSIRIS-REx Views the Earth During Flyby

By Lady Bugg

Mother of all
But where are you
When I call
I need help too.

Can’t you see
How they treat me
They maim
I am ashamed

They beat me
And mistreat me
I cry for help
I scream, I yelp.

You turn away
Too busy to stay.
You have better things to do
You act as if you have no clue

I’m beaten and broken
But you have spoken
You would rather take rest
than help me with my quest

I want to get better
Not to upset her.
I feel so warm
My head a storm.

They poison me
Please let me be.
“I’ll do as I please.”
They always tease.

Some say they do care.
That my cross they will bare.
But do they mean it?
Do they seem fit?

I rage and storm
And everyone mourns
They are mad
And think me bad

They have made me this way
Something bad everyday
The ups and downs hurt me
Why can’t you all see

You think it’s my fault
Then you should all halt.
Please Stop the pollution
Isn’t there a solution?

They will smother
Your sweetest mother.
Who gave you peace
And in return got grease?

I gave you flowers
And rain showers
Animals and trees
Sunshine and bees.

It is never enough
You always want more stuff
I give and give and give
I want us to all live.

But you take and take and take
And then get mad when I shake
I am so angry
You make me cranky.

I want you to be kind
we can try to rewind
Take back the mistakes
Before I will break.

Not much more I can take
Please for all of our sakes
I really do love you
So this is your cue.

I am your mother
But you can’t bother.
Is it too late
To fix my slate?

You gas me
Left gasping
I’m dying, asperate
Yet you hesitate.

You feel I exaggerate
But you exasperate.
We could collaborate
Instead of lacerate.

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