Riches To Bare Rags

city man person people

Riches to bare rags

Economic flags

Blood red and frantic

Politic antics

Corporate bullshit

Public trust forfeit

Disasters follow

More lies we swallow

Believing people

Trusted when we polled

To guard and protect

Rights and resurrect

Our country’s power

To our golden hour

Our hope quickly sours

As they take what’s ours

Our savings siphoned

Produce past ripened

Your fortune for eggs

Selling us the dregs

Moms and dads make plea

For fair pay that sees

Past poverty line

When nickel and dimed

Where is our relief

When we pay for beef

What would have fed four

For a day or more?

Where is our relief?

Relief cash retrieved

But smaller countries

Relieve more than these

Where is our relief

When they lie, deceive

Blame game and lies sowed

Reality show

Nobody cares, swear

Bullocks the blame, share

The fault and fix it

Assault and blitz kick

Current status quo

Don’t do it for show

We’re drowning in debt

Personally and yet

The countries debt grows

No commitment shown

To repay, relay

Stop the buck today

The greatest country

We the people, free

But we are shackled

Baited and tackled

Hook, line, and sinker

Even deep thinkers

Fall prey to the gap

Poverty trapped

While the wealthy gain

We cut back, refrain

But only so long

Though our hearts are strong

Our children will grow

Clothes once hemmed and sewed

Need replaced, resized

Spend what’s saved, we tried

Greatest country sags

Riches to bare rags

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