Who Is Lord Bugg?

He who hides his face

A ruffian, disgrace

So mentally ill

But equip his quill

His mania stills

Barely paying bills

But he holds vigil

And tattoos sigils

To daily remind

What lies on the line

Refusing to quit

He’s taking no shit

He’s done being beat

Fighting to defeat

Voices out and in

Real and imagined

This is his last stand

He will lose no land

He is gaining ground

The bell rang, new round

Put them up, fight stance

This is your last chance

Get out of the way

Bet; it is my day.

My mood like the tide

Push and pull inside

I keep locked in

My feelings of sin

But I love me still

I am my own thrill

Smart, intelligent

My heart, heaven sent

Tart, given two cents

Don’t start, on the fence

Of crazy and sane

But still on my game

I will not be tamed

Hit the mark, no aim

I get dark, insane

I’m that spark, in flames

Get snarky? Hey same

On the mark, end game

Clark Kent, hide from fame

My cloak, what’s my name?

Lord Bugg, pleasure’s mine

My writing’s sublime

My work is for you

I promise it’s true

For you to be heard

Your feelings to words

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