My Sweetest Sociopath

woman in gray tank top while sitting on bed

Our sweetest sister

Troubled, assist her

We give time, money

Our last dime, honey

We give love and grace

Self destruct, disgrace

What, pray tell, hurts more?

Fall from heights soared?

Loss of trust, respect?

What do you expect?

To steal, lie, and cheat

All ends in defeat

Your self harm hurts us

Alarmed, lost trust

Does help enable?

Growing more unstable

Until the tipping point

The last drink and joint

The voices in your head

Say you’re better dead

Now you’re admitted

The truth omitted

You don’t have issues

What warrant issued?

Deny and refute

You lie and dispute

Manipulate us

We stipulate trust

Destroy, desimate

A ploy? Hesitate

How do we help you?

Help you to see through

The farce constructed

Therapy conducted

But to lies you hold

And the truth be told

We are tired and spent

We tried, now relent

We pray you find peace

Your troubled mind ease

We have so missed her

Our sweetest sister

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