Pursue the Dream

Scream, I have a dream

A dream it would seem

Worth the cost of men

Worth the lost women

Never should there been

The immoral sin

Of men owning men

Pass legislation

Of obligation

To rid the nation

Of hate sensation

But you can’t omit

Hate we won’t admit

So, our nation marched

Our brave heroes marked

Targeted for hate

“Equality” stated

Sit in’s and boycotts

Run, don’t you get caught

Avoid the hoses

Dogs, batons; Moses

Of all the people

Leading to steeples

Pray for their freedom

Dream to be free from

The unjust treatment

Oppression relent



Schools integrating

Congress debating

Debate human rights

Losing humane sight

Today, we struggle

To shake the troubled

Thoughts and attitude

That plague multitudes

Spread equality

People of quality

Share love through kindness

Don’t embrace blindness

Let’s face the problem

Be a peace emblem

Don’t be silent, scream

Join the masses, dream.

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