Bright Day, Dark Night

When the pills dissolve

When full of resolve

When the sun is out

And I’m feeling stout

The future looks bright

Everything’s right

Hold on, correction

Until dissection

I pick it apart

Wait, where do I start

So much is a mess

Now I must confess

I’m a fake, a fraud

It’s not real, façade

The meds lost effect

This I can correct

Pop this pill I think

Chase it with this drink

Maybe do a line

Wait… there… just in time

In control again

Guess I needed gin

Maybe it’s the pill

That got me over hill

Cause I’m feeling high

World, deny me nigh

The sun is setting

This is unsettling

The dark is eerie

No stars to steer me

Line, drink, pill, inject

Fear, hate intersect

Despair, emptiness

Anger, envious

Why are they normal?

Why am I mournful?

Inject, pill, drink, line

One more to feel fine

Wait, where is my life?

Long lost, in the strife

Friends and family?

Must’ve lost faith in me.

No job or career.

One more line and beer.

I will stop, I swear

This is it, I care

There’s desolation

My revelation

One more and I’m done

I’ll watch, setting sun

Full dark has fallen

EMS calling

My name, but I’m gone

It’s time to move on

As life was dark, bad

It’s dark in this bag


There’s never enough

You have to be tough

Stopping now, today

Is the only, ONLY, way.

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