Captain of Land, Sea, Sky, and Space

flight attendant and pilot saluting

Oh captain of land

Your country spanned

Ocean to ocean

Men in motion

Growing your empire

Topping mountain spires

The sea your border

Your desire broader

Oh captain of seas

Adventurer please,

Discover these plains

These mountains with reigns

Traverse to the limits

Stop when you admit

The lengths all traveled

Earth’s mysteries unraveled

Oh captain of sky

Traveler o’er high

Sea and land all seen

Adventurers gleam

Skies not yet claimed

New limits now gained

At the helm, guide it.

Oh captain, pilot.

Like a pilot wrapped in

Land, sea, sky captain

Is the turquoise sky

Like waters by and by?

Is the sky traveled

Not like space raveled

Mysteries hidden

Intrigue now bidden

Boundaries traced

Oh, Captain of space

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