Synthesia Art

woman s face

I hear in brush strokes

The sunshine of gold

Crimson red sunsets

Rolling hills and plains

Mountains towering

Tell tales of lovers

A kiss after war

A kiss between vases

Entangled affair

Be it pencil, paint,

Sculptures, other wise

I can feel beauty

Music, sing to me

Sway me, gentle breeze

Soothing somber tones

Like a lovers touch

Lost for a lifetime

Lull me, hold me still

Still my aching heart

Crescendo climbing

Like lovers embrace

Caresses  eager

Maladies or moods

Melody’s the cure

Master of the pen

Write the written word

Novel or poem

Ensnare my senses

Titillate my tongue

Woo my worried woes

In lines and verses

Childhood, remind me

Like scents from candles

Hold lingering thoughts

Invigorate senses

Set emotions afire

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