World Wide Woes

person using black and silver laptop computer

Tweets, talks, and titters

Banished and bitter

Idols in idle

Brooding and bridled

Aim, anchor anger

Stir stoic strangers

Madden the masses

Sons and sisters sass

Dreams, ideals destroyed

Lost in the voice void

Woes on the world web

Heckles hurdled ebb

When left fraught, fumbling

By horrors humbling

Gunmen mangle minors

Enacting mirrors

Fantasy fodder

Shopping mall slaughter

Like games on PCs

Feed focal feces

Poison the public

Redact republic

Make America

Hail hysteria

Destroy the doctrine

Call the doctor in

We share the sickness

Lack tools to fix this

Yank the yoke, we walk

Led to butcher’s block

Share or shun stories

Group think goads, gores thee

Birds of a feather

Fall prey to weather

Led by leaders lost

Felled by friendless frost



In Facebook face-offs

Tolerance, piss off

Nevermore yield yokes

Free yourself fair folks

Be not led by losers

Beat back abusers

Observe arguments

Aggregate augments

Disagree, desist

Hold the hate, resist

Grow, befriend, shake, hug

Truly yours, Lord Bugg

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