Spider’s Web

arachnid close up cobweb connection

Web that ensnares us

You bind us and unite us

So much can be seen from these heights

What we can’t see is the danger

Thanks be to the spider for its wonderful construct

Its design and beauty

Simplicity and complexity

Freedom should unwind

But this web binds

Sickly sweet spider

Your grotesque legs prod

Our civility is stretched

What unites is ideas

What divides is ideas

We see our views reflected

We see opposing views rejected

We’re all stuck to this gossamer snare

We struggle together

But more than ever we struggle apart

The knowledge of the world is below and around us

What keeps our attention is the venom

It degrades and erodes us

Creates illusions

It makes friends appear as enemies

Divide us and strengthen our resolve

As our unity falls and dissolves

Spider, offer me something shiny

Make the web more appealing

Sell me on ideas and bobbles

Keep us trapped in our bubbles

This venom has us confused

The danger is in the divide

The rift that won’t subside

Beauty as it is,

Is the web worth the woes?

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