What To Be at Fifty-Three

couple having a picnic

What do you do,

When you have no clue

About who to be

When you’re fifty-three?

When you’re young and free

It is hard to see

What future you’ll chase

In the career race

Travel ‘round the globe

Engage your right lobe

Live creatively

Do what sets you free

Join some social clubs

Practice elbow rubs

Make friends with strangers

Social exchanges

Try some new hobbies

Something to self-please

If it sounds like fun

Go give it a run

At end of the day

Grab a book and lay

Read to hearts content

Venture new content

When you cannot do

You can still live through

Another’s eyes though

Through books and convos

If you cannot see

Who you want to be

Live vicarious

Ask, be curious

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