What Society Can Do Without

adult affection beads blur

What can society do without?

Nary a question or doubt

Take away the spite

Remove the slights

Ban hate




Make the world try

Take the word, cry

Sure, we would, still

From our eyes spill

But more from glee than pain

You can’t flee the rain

Those days still come

But backed by love’s sum

When we are given support

To misery we can retort

Fuck you,

Struck through

With love

From above

Or around



At length

The drive


At the place where love reigns

And hate abstains

If we could walk in each other’s shoes

We have nothing to lose

We all win

When we’re all in

Supporting our sisters and brothers

Our fathers and mothers

In blood and Christ

Hold up the hate heist

What can the world rid itself of late?

Get rid of all the hate.

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