What Can Money NOT Buy

adult affection bed closeness

Late night talks with her

The woman I love

Holding hands and gazes

Laying bare our souls

A sunny weekend

Playing on the field

They get the game goal

Your child’s smile the prize

Nap time in no time

Sleepy son’s cuddles

So much to be done

But these moments few

Carrier of grief

Stress, struggles, sorrow

But sweetest release

Embraced by my love

Lay those burdens down

At the feet of friends

Let carry the torch

Of life-long loyal friends

Life moves far too fast

Memories streak past

Moments with Mom, Dad

Will forever last

Brisk nights with bon fires

Decaying leaves scent

Sharing memories

Us sharing moments

Currency current

Pulls along so much

Money has no pull

On these simple things

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