My Own Obstacles

woman in white dress shirt

Full steam ahead

Shovel in the coal,

The iceberg I can’t see

Is my own nerves

If I slow down

proceed with caution

I just may avoid collision

Collapsing in on myself

The Little Engine That Could, can

If only I focus on the dream

Instead of the drags

That hill will be but a simple slope,

If only I can navigate negativity

I’ll summon my strength,

Work my will,

Tap my heels

And tell nerves to still

Because there’s no place like home

In the company of those most dear,

I’ll hold resolve

And clean up my fears

Stain lift

The pain rift

The chasm between my fears and dreams

I’ll close the distance

Evil Knievel

Easel retrieval

As I paint a tapestry

With whimsical words

Like flowers and birds

And rewrite the world.

Fuck it,

I’ll follow my dreams

Conceiving Inception

I’ll fight the Smiths,

A samurai wordsmith

A martial artist with words

I’ll rewrite the endings

I’ll make them all happy ones

Happily ever after

From now to forever after.

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