Grandma’s Lessons

man carrying baby drawing their foreheads

Sweet Summer days

Full of clever play

Soda’s on the porch

To cool Summer’s scorch

Helping you garden

Muddy hands harden

Popcorn and movies

Rewards for done duties

These memories, sweet

Yet bitter defeat

How else do I feel

When, from words I reel

A child never more

My love you abhor

I’m a man today

The child within stays

With my son embraced

Sullen thoughts race

No limits to love

So I pray above

Not conditional

When transitional

When he is a man

My love will still stand

It’s an oath I pledge

Through life’s muck you dredge

I’ll offer support

To hell I’ll retort

Wisdom and strength

I’ll stop at no length

As you grow you’ll see

My boy you will be

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