Dreams of Manic Sort

bokeh effect

Dreams of manic sort

Disaster I court

My eyes now open

Now I’m left hopin’

That my dreams hold true

Reality slews

Mental enema

A shit brain stigma

I have mental runs

My family shuns

No moral support

Of parental sort

Lord, give me strength

Of this endless length

Of road I traverse

No time will reverse

What is done is done

I have had my fun

It is time to rise

Stand to my full size

I need a crutch

Success I will clutch

I lean on my wife

The love of my life

The strength she gives

Helps me to out live

The mistakes made

I’m mentally spayed

I’d say I’m neutered

Life as my tutor

But with these lessons

Sea level lessens

Cause I’m digging holes

Though I’ve paid my tolls

I make mistakes

My resolve flakes

“You are strong” says she

“You are wrong” says me

Yet she believes

She will never leave

Does she see in me

The man I’m to be?

I’ll brush myself off

I’ll ignore the scoffs

From those who don’t care

I will let them stare

Yes, call me crazy

One day you will see

The man that she sees

Through the forest trees

My mental jungle

Wild and jumbled

Call me eccentric

I’ve learned since tricks

To appear normal

Here is my formal

Declaration to

From here on ensue

All my dreams despite

How they seem first sight

“I will” I retort

Dreams of manic sort

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